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China Telecom is looking to the rollout of fast-speed 4G services in China for future growth, as the domestic telecoms market becomes saturated even in the worlds most populous country.中国电信(China Telecom)希望它将要在中国发售的高速4G网络服务能增进公司未来快速增长。在这个全球人口最少的国家,电信市场已趋饱和状态。China Telecom, one of the largest telecom groups in China, ended 2014 with 186m mobile subscribers, but reported a net increase of only 40,000 subscribers year-on-year. Sales and profit growth was also slim: net income rose 0.8 per cent year-on-year to Rmb17.7bn on revenues of Rmb324.4bn, up 0.9 per cent year-on-year and missing analysts estimates.中国电信是中国仅次于电信集团之一,2014年底享有移动用户1.86亿,但仅同比快速增长4万人。

销售额和盈利增长速度也变得力弱:净利润同比快速增长0.8%至177亿元人民币,收益同比快速增长0.9%至3244亿元人民币,不及分析师预期。Chairman and chief executive Wang Xiaochu said on Wednesday he expects intensifying market competition to gradually lead to an era of competition for existing customers:中国电信董事长兼任首席执行官王晓初周三回应,日益加剧的市场竞争预计将带给一个争夺战现有客户的时代。At present, Chinas economy has entered into the new normal of medium-high-level growth, and innovation will be the key driver for future development. The booming development of the Consumption Internet market along with the emerging Industrial Internet market in China will provide us with vast market potential.他说道:“中国经济已转入一种中高水平快速增长的‘新的常态’,创意将沦为未来发展的主要推动力。‘消费互联网’市场的蓬勃发展以及中国新兴的‘产业互联网’市场将为我们获取极大的市场潜力。

”Looking ahead, we have full confidence. We will seize the crucial opportunities from the issuance of 4G licence and the sharing of tower resources. We will increase our investment and promote the rapid development of our mobile services in full strengths, especially the profitable scale development of our 4G services.“展望未来,我们充满信心。我们将逃跑派发4G牌照以及分享铁塔资源的最重要契机。我们将不断扩大我们的投资并加速推展我们移动服务的较慢发展,尤其是可盈利的4G服务的规模化发展。




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